Tuesday, 24 May 2011

How to make a cake pop pirate

Following on from yesterday's recipe, I thought I would set out how to decorate your cake pop as a pirate.  Perfect for Pirate and Peter Pan parties!

You will need:

Your cake pops
Pink candy melts, melted
Red candy melts, melted
Red mini candy drops
Red, white and black writing icing

First dip your cake pop into the melted pink candy melts until fully covered.  Lift and allow any excess to gently drip off before placing in a polystyrene mould to keep upright and allowing the candy to dry.

Repeat until all cake pops are covered.

Then dip the top end of your cake pop in the melted red melted candy melts.

Add a small candy drop to the side of the cake pop, this looks like the knot in the pirates head scarf.  Add the candy drop before the candy has dried as it will stick on firmly this way.

Repeat on all cake pops.

When dry, use the black icing to draw on an eye and eye patch.  Use the red icing to draw a smile and use the white icing to decorate the head scarf.

And the final result!  Arrrrrrrrr!

Perfect party pirate cake pops.


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