Wednesday, 28 September 2011

New Beginnings!

So I have very exciting news about the future!  I am embarking on a new business and will become a work from home mum!  No longer will I just be cooking and going crazy for the family, but I will also be creating and going crazy for accessories!

I am really excited about the future and the possibilities that lie ahead.

I shan't say too much just now though as will make a big announcement when things are in a better position to move forward.

On the home front; Bob continues to love school, although on our way in today he had a nasty fall off his scooter and his knees are in a shocking state.  As soon as Miss Boo saw her brother with plasters over his knees, however, she demanded she have plasters too and so we have had a stick-a-thon in our house today.

The long days at school are beginning to take a toll on young master Bob and he comes home very tired and over-emotional.  A lot of wailing goes on, and by the end of the day I am right there with them.  Who knew bath time could be such a stressful time?  Long gone are the leisurely soaks in the bath, listening to soft music and reading a book.  Now all baths remind me of are tears before bed and being soaked with an avalanche of water as little people giggle in their over tired state.

Still, these times fly and before we know it they will be gone for good.

Sadly on the cuisine front I have been uninspired and got into a rut of making safe dishes.  Firm family favourites that I know will be eaten without said tears or recrimination.  This must, however, change.  As must our table manners.  I was mortified today when Bob's teacher informed me that he s the messiest eater she has ever seen.  Time to instill some proper eating etiquette and a reward chart me thinks! Thankfully she hasn't seen Miss Boo eat - that might just make her socks pop off!

Still, nothing, not even cheek rouging embarrassment can remove the spring in my step that comes with the excitement of new frontiers to be crossed.

It's all about to get very exciting indeed!

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Miss Boo is developing a personality.  This is adorable.  It is also exhausting.

She is:

Independent, confidant, demanding, funny, determined, adventurous, sociable, gregarious, fearless and insatiable.

In the Night Garden has become an addiction.  As has "Brown Bear, Brown Bear".

When she wants something she goes and gets it.

This morning she demanded the TV be turned on before breakfast.  When this was not forthcoming, she climbed onto the TV table, turned on the TV, placed the remote in my lap, picked up my hand and started jabbing the buttons with my fingers.

She is also adorable.

Monday, 19 September 2011

Summer is Over - Autumn is here

It has been a crazy, busy summer for us at the Weaners to Screamers household. 

First we had Master Bob's Peter Pan Party!

Then we had long lazy days in the garden

And then we had getting ready for school!

Yes, that's right.  We are now a school attending family.  Getting ready in the morning is now done with military precision.  There is a strict routine of breakfast, loo, teeth and getting dressed before grabbing scooters and pushchairs and marching up the road to get to the classroom for 8:30 sharp.   There is homework and class notes and snacks and water bottles that need to be made ready and names to remember.  Oh my, all the names that you have to remember.  Mums and boys and teachers and teaching assistants and administrators and more and more and MORE!

I don't know who was more exhausted at the end of his first week, him or me.

But here we are, two weeks in and we are back online and back to a routine.

Miss Boo has been enjoying the walks although wishes she could do more of the walking, but if that happened we would be taking 3 hours instead of 30 minutes to get there.  She is speaking more and more and her favourite phrases are, "I can do it" and "No", which we hear quite a lot.

The food front has mainly been salads, fish fingers and BBQ's, but now that autumn is upon us and the apple tree at the bottom of the garden s good for harvesting, I shall try to update with more recipes soon.