Friday, 17 February 2012

February? Already?

Where does the time go?  I remember when I was younger that time passed so slowly.  Days endlessly wasted lying on my bed reading Sweet Valley high novels and longing to live in a world of excitement and fulfilled dreams.  The aching for adulthood and the desire and freedom to do whatever I wanted, when I wanted.  Ha!

Now that I am older and wiser enough to cherish life better, it seems to be on hyper drive and is passing so quickly I no longer have time to catch my breath before yet another week has passed in a haze of meals, school drop offs, play dates and laundry. 

And so it is that we are now coming to the end of February, and a moment ago it was 2007.

My new business is coming along slowly but surely.  I am enjoying creating new items for sale and searching for stock and materials from far and wide.  There is so much to learn about marketing and advertising and product pricing.  I have reached out to a number of local groups and baby centres to see if I can hold a stall.  I will be showing at Cupcake in Putney on Thursday 23rd February and at Advantage Nursery on 12th March.  Come along if you can - would love to show you the goods!

I am also going to attempt to take on the 5km challenge set by the lovely Fleur at Nineteen Seven Seven.  Admittedly my 5km route is no where near as scenic as hers, but no matter what, beach season is soon around the corner for us lot in the northern hemisphere so better get working pronto!  Why not join us?

Until then lovelies, it is off to the land of slumber before my little ones awake and demand strawberry pancakes for their weekend breakfast.