Tuesday, 3 February 2015


I have been spending a lot of time lately thinking about snacks.  I'll admit to eating far too many as well and am in need of heading to the gym or hitting the road for 5km (or more!)

Everyday we (the husband and I) have to prepare a 'healthy snack' for our two screamers. And it feels like a minefield. 

My son is nut allergic, so making sure his food is well prepared and safe to eat is a must.  He is also becoming more and more particular.

My daughter hates all fruit and only likes raw carrot or sweetcorn for a vegetable treat.

They both like cheese. Some days. Other days, if we give them cheese, we are clearly torturing them because don't we know they no longer like that particular type of cheese......you get the picture.

So I have been thinking about snacks a lot.

I still haven't come to any conclusions or found anything earth shattering to share on this front just yet, but am loving the boards on Pinterest from around the world on what other people do. 

What are your favourite snacks for kids?